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Breakfast Club and After School Wraparound Care programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to start and end their school day. The Breakfast Club offers a nutritious breakfast and engaging activities to kick-start the day, while the After School Wraparound Care timetable is filled with a range of actives that can be seen below to wind down after a busy day at school. Both programs are staffed by qualified professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing and development of each child in their care. With flexible options to suit the needs of busy parents, Our Breakfast Club and Wraparound Care programs are the perfect solution for families looking for reliable and high-quality childcare.


Delivered by qualified professionals

Unbeatable hourly price of £4.00

A range of activies for children aged 4 - 12

Safe & Fun Environment 

Breakfast Club & Wraparound Care and After School Clubs

Breakfast Club
7:50am - School start: £3.50

Wraparound Care

3:15pm - 4:15pm: £4.00

Serving a Warm Snack After 4:45pm

4:15pm - 5:30: £4.00

3:15pm - 5:30pm: £8.00

Wraparound Options

wraparound timetable_edited.jpg

How Wraparound Care Works

We're excited to introduce our new Visual Timetable, which offers children the opportunity each day to create their own timetable, choosing three key activities for each hour. This fantastic new feature not only promotes variety but also enhances their experience, allowing them a choice on what activities they would like to engage in.

Design Your Day Timetable

Block Booking Form
Select an item

Tuesday    Volleyball Club           3:15-4:15

Wed'          Football Club               3:15-4:15

  Dodgeball Club           3:15-4:15                                       

 Art & Crafts Club             3:15-4:15                                  

After School Clubs

After School Clubs are designed to provide a safe, engaging, and fun environment for your child when their school day ends. Our experienced and passionate staff are committed to providing high-quality care and support for your child's development.


We offer a variety of activities that cater to your child's interests, including arts and crafts, sports, games additionally, we provide a healthy snack to fuel your child's body and mind.


How To Pay Via Childcare Vouchers

When making a booking, type the code “childcare” into the coupon code box. Once booking has been made visit your childcare company to make payment and reference the child’s name. Visit our voucher page to find your code.

Childcare vouchers can be used at the following settings;
- George Grenville Academy  - 2666030

- Twyford Church Of England Primary School - 2666033

What shall my child bring to wraparound care?

We would strongly recommend your child brings a light healthy snack to wraparound care they will have this when they arrive.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting us via email

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