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FUNdamental football is a program designed to introduce football to children in Reception and Year 1. 

This program is run every Saturday morning throughout the football season with the soul focus on developing enjoyment and basic football skills.

This program is linked with Winslow Juniors FC, giving all year one children the opportunity to form a under 7s Winslow United team at the end of their FUNdamental football Experience.


Linked to a MKDDL youth team

10% discount to all football camps 

Developing friendships and lifeskill

FUNdamental Football

FA & Uefa B Qualified coaches

First Steps 

FUNdamental Football


Your Childs First Experience with FA & Uefa B Qualified Coaches,with a focus to learn to love football


Building Blocks

Fundmental Football

Year 1

Developing childrens core skills in preperation for their first season playing for a U7 football team. 


Winslow U7 Team

6 -7 Years Old

Our link with Winslow Juniors gives your child the oppuritny to form a U7 team that will play fixutres in the MKDDL youth league


Pre Phase Model

The Nxt Level Way

At Fundamental Football, we understand the importance of early childhood development and the role that sports can play in fostering physical and mental growth.

Our football program is designed to introduce young players to the fundamentals of football in a fun and engaging way.

Our coaching style is focused on developing the fundamentals and creating a positive learning environment for our young players

We  encourage our players to learn and grow at their own pace. Through our program children will have the ball at their feet and will develop not only their football skills, but also important social skills such as teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship.

Join us at Fundamental Football and give your child the opportunity to start their football journey on the right foot.

Book  Your Spot Now

£15.00 Per Month


£135 For the season


What do I need to bring?
All your child needs to bring with them is a water bottle!
Although we do feel sometimes a child can feel comfortable at first if they bring their own ball 
(Coaches will always have footballs for all children to use)

How Do I Pay
Set up a standing order of £15.00 per month referencing your child's name; 
Nxt Level Coaching Ltd

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