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nxt level Development centre

Nxt Level Development centre is designed to allow players of all abilities book as individuals and come together to create a focused vibrant learning environment. Each phase is capped to 12 per class. This size allows for team activities, but also gives our coaches the opporunty to focus on players individual needs.

Our phase model is very much like a curriculum map, giving us a clear pathway for coaches to follow, players to develop as well as give parents an insight on the developing and identifiable style we are creating here at Nxt Level Coaching.

Train to love

U6 - U9

Train to understand

U10 - U12

Train to win

Nxt Level Phase Model

U12 - U16


Phase One

Train to love

U6 - U9

Training to love the game is important in phase one of our pathway, our goal is to develop your child's technical skill using both feet in order to create players who have no fear to find a solution


Within this program, we use fun interactive games to keep children engaged and believe in order to have the desire to understand all aspects of the game you must first fall in love with football. 


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